Cap-Net Virtual Campus

UNDP Cap-Net has launched a Virtual Campus in 2014 with the expectation that it will help our capacity to reach a wider audience demanding capacity development for water management.

Without replacing or competing with face to face education, online learning increases outreach for a knowledge society. Trends in the use of our virtual campus are showing a consistent growing path. From a pilot course in 2014, moving to 4 courses in 2015, and 9 foreseen this year with an active participation from various networks and international partners. Interest from participants is also exceeding expectations and the number of applications received for courses is far higher than what we can include in each course.

To continue in this line, we invite you to consider this online Training of Trainers course on Online Course Design, Management & Facilitation with the objective of strengthen the capacity of Cap-Net affiliated networks and international partners to plan, design, organise, and deliver online courses for sustainable water management.

When: September 9 – November 15 / Expected dedication: 4 hours per week

Where: Cap-Net´s Virtual Campus

Course fee: There is no course fee.


Who can apply? The course is open to a maximum of 30 participants representing Cap-Net affiliated networks and international partners.

Participants should have a profile oriented towards online and/or innovation education, and have the motivation and support from their networks to take part in this course and later lead the development of online capacity development within their working environments.

When forming part of a Cap-Net affiliated network, participants should be nominated by the respective network manager and a letter of institutional support attached in the application. In this case please do not hesitate to contact me.

Application: Interested persons must complete the online application form before Friday, September 2nd 2016:

We hope this is interesting to you and may wish to participate.