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Technical Report Writing for Young Professionals

SLWP collaborated with Kotmale International Irrigation Training Institute for series of training workshop on technical report writing. This program was initiated by the national committee, International Network for Water and Ecosystems in Paddy Fields (INWEPF) functioning under the Ministry of Irrigation. It was planned as a response to the recommendations made by the paper reviewers of the 17th INWEPF International Conference. The Programme was held on 2nd and 3rd November 2021 at BMICH. During the post-review of the conference, the paper reviewers and conference organizers expressed their views over the need for enhancement of skills in conducting practical research and technical paper writing of young professionals in the water sector. With the recommendation of the organizing committee of the (INWEPF) it was planned to train 50 young professionals on the above aspect.

Engaging communities and building flood resilience

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Article by : Ms. Kusum Athukorala – Regional Chair, GWP SAS

As climate change intensifies, flooding is increasingly threatening communities, livelihoods, and economies. Has this shifted your perspective on floods?

Dramatically. My native home is very close to a major river in Sri Lanka. Flooding was an annual event. But now, places that used to get inundated mildly are inundated heavily. All this increased flooding has gone hand in hand with the filling in of wetlands. Pair that with climate change, and we are having “100-year floods” sometimes twice a year. Read full article

Some views of World Women’s Day 2022 from our partners

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