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Ma Oya Kuda Oya AWP reports on indiscriminate felling of Jack trees in Aranayake…..

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HNB agrees to further support for Rain Water Harvesting Tanks in Aranayake Schools

In February  this year, SLWP  jointly with Hatton National Bank initiated a sanitation sensitization and hygiene  programme  for 4 schools in Aranayake that were adversely affected by the landslide last year . The programme focuses on improving access to education and better  living of school related communities through awareness creation and includes a component that provides for setting up of Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) Systems in these schools. 

SLWP – Supporting Partner in 11th World Aqua Congress !

Aqua Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization working on key aspects of Humanity. Aqua Foundation is organizing international conference ‘World Aqua Congress’ since year 2007. The conference aims to bring various stakeholders i.e. policy makers, researchers, academicians, industry, NGOs etc., on a common platform for meaningful discussions & deliberations and implementation & execution. ‘Aqua Excellence Awards’ are also key highlight of the 2 days international conference. These awards are given to promote, encourage & recognise innovations and contributions in the field of water, environment & humanity.