Climate change and water governance-new opportunities

The impacts of climate change are with us and ever increasing disaster events, almost an annual feature need addressing especially with respect to water which serves as the principal vehicle of conveyance. An attempt at formulation of a policy and law led through a donor initiative in early 2000 aborted due to a public hue and cry and lack of political support, unfortunately saw the baby being thrown with the bathwater. A policy in limbo and no enabling law with business as usual has been the result with little initiative to at least begin a dialogue for change. However, the environment of a moratorium on dams and diversions, inter basin transfers, in fact on all water infrastructure and full cost recovery as an inevitable that existed at the time and conditioned the earlier proposed policy, is no longer valid and the urgency of responding to climate change impacts without delay has overtaken the many preempts that likely cause veritable hiccups in developing a responsive water policy that would have public and political acceptance.

Sunday Observer 25th August 2019

The Island 23rd August 2019