Core Activities 2017


The Final Report on the Disaster Risk Reduction Programme Phase 2 undertaken with Hatton National Bank awes submitted to the Bank on 15th December. A phase 3 in 2018 is under discussion.

SLWP / Unilever Programme

A School Survey Report undertaken to implement the proposed Tea Landscape Activity in selected education Zones in the Central Province with Unilever in 2018 was also submitted to Unilever on 17th December. The Programme is expected to be implemented from January 2018

SLWP Annual Partners Forum 2017

The Annual Partners Forum of SLWP was held at Hotel Galadari Colombo on 19th December 2017. Audit Report 2016, Financial and Physical Progress Report for 2017 and 2018 Work Plan and Budget was presented at the Forum. Hon Sudarshanee Fernadopulle State Minister of Water Supply and City Planning was invited as Chief Guest    regretted her inability to attend the forum due to an unforeseen urgent political commitment at the last moment and a  message on her behalf  her was delivered by the State Secretary to the Ministry at the Forum . Dr Claudia Sadoff Director General of IWMI was the Guest of Honour and delivered the Key Note Address. 53 and collaboration institutions and partners were represented at the event.

A Programme Committee Meeting of SLWP was held on 8th December 2017

HNB micro catchment program

After the hold of several meetings with stakeholder in Aranayake the two sites which selected were “Wasanthagama” and “Ambalakanda”. The tree planting Programme of Wasanthagama was held on 6th November where The activity was attended by the Divisional Secretary Mr Faizal, SLWP ,HNB officers, local partners, local level village officers and officers of the Dept. of Forest. Members of the newly settled families of Vasanthagama too participated in the activity. Dept. of Forest Officers who attended demonstrated the best way to plant the trees. The need to direct storm water and domestic drainage water into designated drainage paths flanked by the new vegetation and to maintain such a drainage map was emphasised to the new settlers and local village officers.

Conservation activity in the second pilot site of Ambalakanda was done on 26th November 2017 with 41 participants and planting of 121 high value Sadikka plants and distribution of another 100 indigenous plants.

Climate Change impacts on Water Sanitation and Health Issues for the Estate Sector Population

Above programme was jointly organized by Sri Lanka Water Partnership (SLWP), Young Women’s Christians Association (YWCA) and Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project (WASSIP) on 4th November 2017 at St. Clair Tamil Vidyalam, Thalawakale.  The objective of the programme was to aware and upgrade the knowledge of the secondary students on Climate Change, Safe use of water, avoid water pollution, Water born diseases and gender and water issues. 47 girls and 14 boys participated the programme.

Handing over of 6 Rain Water Harvesting Tanks for schools in Aranayake

As a follow up of the SLWP-HNB Phase I the construction of 6 rainwater harvesting tanks was completed and the handing over was done in 13th October. As it is difficult to conduct six handing over ceremonies in one day , it has been decided to cluster into two groups  ( 2 schools and 4 schools) based on proximity as seen in Agenda . The first ceremony was held at Al Jalal school, Moragammana .The Assistant Divisional Secretary was present at the ceremony which was followed by a tree planting ceremony. The Second school was the Gurubavila Kanishta Vidyalaya. Ms Kusum Athukorala SLWP, Mr Lalith Seneviratna ( SLWP Partner Pilimatalawe Lions), Mr Hemantha Seneviratna and Mr Shanel Perea of HNB participated the programme.

HNB micro catchment program

As part of HNB advocacy and micro catchment activity, several meetings were held in October with stakeholders. Finally SLWP has been given a plot in Vasanthagama for reforestation program.

SLWP Chair Mr. J. Bandaragoda, Country Coordinator Mr. Ranjith Ratnayake and RC member Mr. S.B. Niyangoda participated the 23rd Regional Council Meeting and the 7th General Assembly on 26th – 29th October at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A SLWP Steering Committee Meeting and Programme Committee Meeting was held on 24th October at SLWP.


SDG Advocacy – Media Tour in Aranayake

As part of this activity, a media tour was arranged in 15th and 16th October to bring the challenges related to deforestation in Aranayake with support from a private sponsor. Wide coverage was achieved in print and visual media .This has also helped create good networking among media which is useful for SLWP ongoing work.

SLWP HNB DRR Programme in Aranayake

SLWP-HNB DRR programme completed construction of 6 Tanks in 6 Schools in Aranayake. The process of handing over the tanks and conducting a training workshop for maintenance of the tanks will be carried out in October 13th.  Also a catchment management programme is scheduled for late October.

Young Water Professionals’ experience sharing programme

Being an extremely water sensitive area, Badulla district is highly vulnerable for perennial water problems and environmental related issues. Within the past couple of years people living in Badulla district have suffered from both severe droughts and floods due to its bi-modal rainfall pattern and extreme rainfall received. Also it is now identified as 90% landslide prone. The magnitude as well as the frequency of these water related issues are tend to be increase in its trend. With this scenario Young Water Professionals (YWP) Uva cell , the future intellectual assets of the country, have a vital role to play. It is clear that shared experiences will bring a huge positive impact for ensuring the sustainability of the water related sector as well as supporting network building which is an important factor mainly in the environmental and water related sectors.

 With this understanding Sri Lanka Water Partnership and Water Forum of the Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL)in collaboration with YWPs group Uva province with the participation of more than 45 Young Water Professionals initiated a Young Water Professionals program in the Badulla region which is highly focused on experience sharing and network building. The theme of the program was “To move on with shared experiences”. The program was held on 14th of September, 2017 at Regional Support Center (Uva), National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Badulla, Sri Lanka. The programme was organized by Eng Chatura Sanjeeva Engineer NWSDB the  SLWP youth focal point

A SLWP Programme Committee Meeting was held on 13th September at SLWP.

SLWP youth focal point Mr. Chathura Sanjeewa had been nominated for the 20th International River symposium and Environmental Flows Conference Brisbane, Australia and SLWP is supporting him by meeting the cost for the registration.

Citizen Science program for empowering  community leaders in Disaster Risk Reduction

A Citizen Science program for community leaders to  build awareness on the importance of improved landscape management  for  disaster risk reduction in Aranayake  was held at the Dippitiya MOH hall on the 25th  August  2017. This activity was organized by the SLWP and Ma Oya Kuda Oya Surakeeme Vyaparaya (MKVS)   in collaboration with the Divisional Secretariat  Aranayake and sponsored by the Hatton National Bank. Around

Disaster Risk Reduction thorough Improved Coordination  – Divisional Level Roundtable Aranayake

The Arananayke HNB SLWP activity is a social mobilization process and therefore the same methodology used for our usual awareness programs has to be set aside for a more context specific evolving strategy. All schools selected for RWH were visited and the bases for RWH systems were seen to have been constructed.  It is expected to finish construction before the end of the school holidays.

The officer roundtable on the 8th was extremely successful. All invited officers were present except one lady who was injured in the Aranayake bus accident (where one person died). WASSIP project sent observers to the activity. The DS made it very clear that the support of the entire division was available to us. The meeting was very intensively planned in advance so we were able to get good outputs.148 community leaders participated the programme.

SLWP Senior-advisor participated in the WATSAN Meeting on 11th August at the Ministry of Water Supply and City Planning

 A SLWP Programme Committee Meeting was held on 4th August at SLWP.

COC/ Biodiversity Programme. The Wetland Conservation/Biodiversity Study undertaken by SLWP and its partner the University of Colombo in collaboration with COC/BDP and supported by Sampath Bank in Bolgoda was concluded early this year. A proposal for Phase 2 has been submitted and a decision awaited.

 Energy Conservation Programme

Provision of clean energy has become a world and national crisis issue. In line with this the Lions Club of Pilimatalawe in collaboration with Lanka Jalani, Netwater, Ceylon Electricity Board and YWCA organized an awareness cum training program in Aranayake. In this the importance of conserving electricity was explained and how we could adapt the new technology to conserve electricity. Also a short workgroup was carried out on assembling LED lights (which are more energy saving than conventional lights). This is important in two ways as this will conserve energy by using less energy consuming LED light at home/ workplace and this can be carried out as a self-employment activity by youth.  At this programme on 16th July 35 youth were trained in bulb construction. These youth belong to the Maha Oya Kuda oya Surakkeme Sanvidhanaya (AWP) and these youth have agreed to provide 500 Jack plants for catchment area replanting under the Aranayake DDR programme.

Core-Group Meeting of Cap-Net Lanka

Country Coordinator Mr. Ranjith Ratnayake and RC Member GWP SAS, Ms. Kusum Athukorala of SLWP participated at the above meeting on 21st July held at IWMI.

Menstrual Hygiene Management Programmes in Denuwara Educational Zone

SLWP in collaboration with the YWCA of Sri Lanka, Central Province Dept. of Education, Central Province Dept. of Health and NetWwater has continued on the Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) program for young adult girls this year starting with a program in the month of June 2017 at Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya, Galagedera, and a leading girl’s school in Central Province. Two more follow up programs were held at Wattegama Balika Vidyalaya and Samudradevi Balika Vidyalaya on the 13th and 14th of July with the cooperation of the same partners.

Three presentations were made by resource persons explaining elements of reproductive health and WASH for adolescents, the connection of school sanitation with adolescent health was emphasized, and practical examples of activities/programs to carry out explained. The importance of school sanitation to promote WASH goals was stressed continuously. Thereafter the students each constructed a menstrual hygiene wheel and formulated a school action plan for MHM. Two hundred and fifty girls were present in each session at both schools.

Wetland Progarmme was organized in collaboration with SLLRDC on promoting Colombo as a Wetland City under Ramser Convention was held on 27th June  at the Thalawatugoda Wetland park of SLRDC. 40 participants from state agencies, donors, NGO and Research institutions participated this programme.

The Country Coordinator Mr. Ranjith Ratnayake and Senior advisor Ms. Kusum Athukorala participated in a programme “The Right to Information” which was organized by The Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) which is a National Chapter of Transparency International (TI) , a global movement against corruption. This program was held on 13th June, in Great Southern Hotel Colombo 6.  The program sought to build awareness in state and civil society bodies regarding the recently formulated right to Information act of Sri Lanka which is estimated to be the third strongest such act globally. SLWP work has had strong ramifications to elimination of corruption as a means of strengthening water security. SLWP has worked with the Water Integrity Network (WIN) on issues relating to river sand mining. Contacts were built up with TISL which has agreed to support awareness activities where appropriate by dissemination of material.

 Menstrual Hygiene Management program for young adult  girls

SLWP in collaboration with the YWCA of Sri Lanka, Central Province Dept of Education ,Central Province Dept of  Health and NetWwater  has collaborated on a  Menstrual Hygiene Management program for young adult  girls on  19th June 2017 at Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya, Galagedera, a leading girls school in Central Province. This activity was to be held on International Menstrual Hygiene day but was postponed due to the then prevailing disaster conditions.

The representative of the ( National Water Supply and Drainage Board NWSDB ) presented a keynote of the importance of water for health. Three presentations were made by resource persons explaining elements of reproductive health and water, the connection of school sanitation with adolescent health , and practical examples of activities/programs to carried out . Thereafter the students each constructed a menstrual hygiene wheel. Reproductive health is in the syllabus but rarely taught in class due to conservatism. It is noted from earlier programs that students are very reluctant to ask questions on this topic. Therefore all students were requested to submit written questions. These questions are useful in reformulating the presentations for future programs. Two hundred girls  were present.

 World Environment Day Programme by Lions Club of Pilimathalawa

SLWP partner The Lions Club of Pilimathalawa oraganized an awareness programme ana a tree planting programme to commemorate the World Environment Day. The programme was held on 5th and was oraganized in collaboration with NetWwater and Department of Export Agriculture. This was held at Manikdiwela Maha Vidyalaya, Pilimathalawa. Total of 238 participated the programme including 228 school children and 8 teachers and 2 resource persons.

 World Environment Day Programme by Ma Oya Mithuro AWP

A School Programme was held at Baminithiwatta MV in Kagalle commemorating the World Environment Day. At the programme the students were given presentations on introduction to The World Environment Day, Environment Protection, Keeping the Environment clean, Waste Management and followed by a Tree planting Session.  Then they conducted a shramadana to clean the school environment and student from each classes were responsibility to look after the plant nursery through out the year. 67 students and 6 resource persons participated the programme.

World Water Day Programme with Nilwala AWP

WWD Programme by Nilwala AWP/University of Ruhuna at Deniyaya was held on 26th April with 135 Students participating. Programme was organized by Prof Champa Nvaratne with Pradeshiya Sabha Kotapola. The Programme consisted of an art and essay competition along with awareness presentations on climate change and water.

 Gender and Water Dialogue Programme

A Gender & Water Dialogue Programme was organized in collaboration with YWCA for estates in Hatton. Programme was held on 3rd April with 71   participating, with another programme on 4th April at Mount Vernon Estate with 45 participating .DEA programme will be held after Vesak as requested by DEA.

SLWP Sampath Bank Meeting 30th March

A meeting on discussion for the 2nd phase of the SLWP-Bio Diversity Sri Lanka Wetland Conservation programme was held at Sampath Bank Head Office. Chair SLWP and Eng. Badra Kamaladasa participated the meeting. Progress of the current programme and the planning of the next phase was discussed at the meeting.

Webinar Session with Wouter on 29th March 2017

A webinar on the theme young water messengers Team Building for IWRM and CCAC Capacity Building an E-Process for Young Water Professionals  (YWP) was held on 29th March at 12.30 pm local time.Aimed at 20 young YWP as part of the continuing SLWP YWP programme was able to have 18 join in on the 29th.Colloborators included University of Rhuhuna, PGIA and University of Peradeniya, NWSDB inc SLWP Youth Focal Point from NWSDB Badulla , Verite Research, NetWwater, YWCA, CENWOR and Transformation Manila. Former ADB Staffer Wouter Arriens now with Head Coach, Transformation Asia were trainer resource persons/ moderator. Also Vanh Mixap from the International River Foundation Brisbane Australia served as a resource person. This programme will be precursor to using webinars for discussion on important topics especially by expanding the target groups beyond the usual SLWP clientele.

World Forest Day activity by Lions Club Of Pilimathalawa

Marking The World Forest Day 2017 Lions Club of Pilimathalawa and Kiribathkumbura with the collaboration of  Lanka Jalani and NetWater distibuted 100 Kohomba trees at Gadaladeniya, Pilimathalawa on 22nd March. There trees were distributed among the members of the lions club and the residents of the Gadaladeniya area to be planted at their home gardens.

On the 28th March 2017 Lions Club of Pilimathalawa, with collaboration of Lanks Jalani,  Net Wwater and Departments of Export Agriculture established a “Minor Export Crop Garden” at Manikdiwela M.V. Department of Export Agriculture provided planting material (165 plants) free of charge. Divisional Secretary of Yatinuwara  Mrs. D.G.S. Jayatunga also participated to the event.

Drawing Competition by  Ma Oya Mithuro AWP

A drawing and an essay competition was oraganized by Ma Oya Mithuro on 22nd March for commemorating World Water Day . The programme was held at Baminiwatta MV Kegalle. The Programme consisted presentations and activities on proper water resource management, climate change adaptation and school sanitation. An essay compaction and art competition was held based on the themes discussed in the programme. The target group was 250 students and 03 Environmentalists, 10 teachers and 5 representatives from Ma Oya Mithuro participated the programme.

SLWP Wetland Programme March 22nd

To mark World Water Day, an interactive workshop titled “ Water and Wetlands for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” was organized by Sri Lanka Water Partnership on  22nd March 2017. This event was held at IWMI Battaramulla in collaboration with  Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Authority.  Sri Lanka is a country which is blessed with abundant water as well as with wetlands. Yet, wetlands are facing many pressures due to enhanced unsustainable developmental activities specially in the urban areas. The overall goal of this activity was to  discuss the  role of wetlands in sustainable development. Thus, SLWP provided a platform to all stakeholders to initiate a live dialog on the local level issues and  to identify appropriate management practices which will ensure the sustainable use of the wetlands and their contribution to achieve SDGs. Forty three participants representing the government and local government agencies, private sector and universities attended this event. This workshop was coordinated by Professor Deepthi Wickramasinghe of University of Colombo. Total of 50 participants participated the programme including governments institutes and private Sector.

 Awareness Programme by SLWP partner Ma Oya Mithuro AWP

An awareness programme on “Conserving Water Resources” was organized by Ma Oya AWP on 4th of February in Mawanella. There are more than 1000 visitors visiting Bo ella and handouts were disseminated among the visitors pointing out the importance of protecting water sources and proper disposal of litter.  A volunteer cleanup programme was also contend by the members of the Ma Oya AWP and the some visitors.  There was a re visit to the location to examine the progress of the programme on 11th of February.