SLWP partners in flood training for woman water professionals….

Natural and Nature-based Flood Risk Management a Training Opportunity for Women Water Professionals in South Asia

There is growing opportunity and demand for government decision makers and water managers, along with community, development, and environmental groups, to include natural and nature-based methods as a component of flood risk management plans and projects. The WWF “Natural and Nature-Based Flood Management: A Green Guide” (Flood Green Guide) is designed to help decision-makers such as flood engineers, municipal engineers, city planners, community leaders, environmental managers, and social mobilizers to improve flood management decision-making.

Women are disproportionally impacted by climate change and related water insecurity. Therefore they need to be involved at all levels in planning, implementing, supervising and making decisions with regard to the water sector. It is necessary to continuously engage with both men and women, especially young people, if gender equity is to be achieved in the sector.

It is with this objective in mind that World Wildlife Fund US, Women for Water Partnership, Soroptimists International, NetWwater and Sri Lanka Water Partnership carried out a Flood Green Guide (FGG) training session tailored specially for mid-career women water professionals in South Asia. The training were delivered online in three sessions including lectures, video sessions, panel discussions and group activities. The target audiences are female professionals who are involved with flood risk management in the public, private, academic or NGO sectors, as well as female community leaders and activists.

Twenty three trainees from Bhutan, Pakistan, Nepal, India and Bangladesh have been selected in consultation with South Asian partner organizations including CWPs. The activity is as yet ongoing with the 3 training sessions already concluded .The end of course assessments and certification will be conducted in August. List of trainees will be published after the conclusion of this process. Mr. Tom Mollenkopf, Chair International Water Association delivered the Keynote address. Ms. Kusum Athukorala coordinated the selection and outreach process and delivered the guest lecture on Gender and Flood Management.

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