Prof Deepthi Wickramasinghe receives award at 1st World Summit on “Leaving No One Behind”


Professor Deepthi Wickramasinghe, Professor in Environmental Science, University of Colombo and Regional Council Member GWP South Asia representing Sri Lanka Water Partnership was one of 3 recipients of best exploratory awards for human rights based approaches towards water for all  at the 1st World Summit held in Geneva on 7th February 2019. Professor Wickramasinghe has worked for the water sector for many years with a special focus on clean and green water for all, human beings as well as for ecosystems.

The other two awards were went to Columbia and India. Proposal by Prof Wickramasinghe  was on “Rainwater Harvesting as an alternative water source for CKDU affected areas in Sri Lanka”. The award carries with it a grant of Swiss Francs 5000/-  from WATERLEX  a NGO established in 2010 in Geneva to promote  human rights to water and sanitation. The pilot project is planned to be carried out in Sri Lanka this year.