SLWP – Joint Corporate Programmes

Activities undertaken in joint collaboration with corporate under their CSR programmes  or with UNDP, IWMI, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce/ Sampath Bank and other partner agencies.

Our Main Collaborators

  • Hatton National Bank (HNB)
  • Brandix Lanka Pvt Limited
  • Unilever Sri Lanka
  • National Development Bank (NDB)
  • Janashakthi Insurance Plc
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Lions Club of Pilimathalawa
  • Girl Guides Association
  • Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)
  • Nation Builders Association
  • Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA)
  • Ceylon Chamber of Commerce / Sampath Bank

SLWP – Unilever Programme

Unilever has joined SLWP in a programme that seeks to improve the livelihood status of tea estate communities addressing issues of health/sanitation, environmental behavior and climate change adaptation.  Entry point to this community better living programme is through a schools initiative initially concentrating on about 30 selected schools in the Central Province especially in Nuwara Eliya and the water source areas of Agra Oya and Agrapatna where Unilever have their tea factory.

Working through the school community, outreach activities will be undertaken addressing community, youth and gender issues in addition to promoting healthy living and concern for the environment. The programme is linked and integrated to activities of the provincial education authorities who have extended the fullest support for the programme. Already a reconnaissance survey to identify the schools to be taken under the programme and an inception workshop for principals and staff to identify priorities for intervention have been concluded and presently 15 schools have initiated working on identified activities.

Agra Oya remains a highly polluted water course and it is anticipated that programme outreach will eventually expand from local community level to inclusion of both upstream and downstream users including the local authority and business chamber.

Final Report – Tea Landscape Program
Report on Agra Oya – Tea Landscape Program
Report on School visits for Developing Proposed Activity in Agra Oya Zone  
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SLWP – HNB Programmes

  • Hatton National Bank ,Mutwal Branch  – World  Water Day program for Estate sector school at Gonadika KV , Denuwara Education zone, Kandy

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  •   SLWP HNB Rainwater Harvesting Construction Programme for Four Schools in Aranayake Educational Zone (World Water Day Activity 2017)


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Programme  on river  sand alternatives for construction Industry

SLWP in 2015 initiated a joint programme with the Construction Industry Regulatory Authority (CIDA) to promote alternatives to river sand considering the widespread damage to riverine systems and impact on rural livelihoods due to the construction boom. The “Megapolis” concept is likely to exacerbate the problem unless viable alternatives are able to be sourced and adopted. Current demand of over 40 MCM cannot be sustained.

SLWP with CIDA now focus on supply and demand  side management moving away front the regulatory/enforcement regime  interventions it wsa involved inas significant improvements have resulted since its involvement in RSM from 2003  and especially the Police/ STF  Programmes from 2006.

 Two  “Brain Storming” Workshops jointly organized with CIDA and University of Moratuwa for the construction industry including the private sector were held in 2015. Identification of issues and requirements has resulted in a Cabinet Paper to be presented on policy direction on river sand alternatives. Follow up programmes in training of artisans and need for curricula changes in training institutes and universities will be carried out.

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Our Wetland – Our Future

This is a complementary activity supported by the Chamber Of Commerce representing Sampath Bank to the SLWP wetland programme being carried out since 2009 in Bolgoda.  To be implemented in 2016 in South Lake Bolgoda it seeks to  identify critical issues faced by the eco system and promoting local institutions including collaboration with local authorities.

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Activities Carried out in 2016


SLWP – NDB Programmes

NDB facilitates improved water and sanitation access in rural schools

NDB joined hands with the Sri Lanka Water Partnership to improve water supply and sanitation facilities in rural schools; thereby improving access to education and promoting good health of students and teachers.The pilot project was launched in 2013, initiating rain water harvesting systems for purposes of maintaining hygiene in two marginalized schools in the Central Province. Following the success of these pilots, rainwater harvesting has been extended to thirteen rural schools island wide by May this year.

Out of a population of 20.86 million in Sri Lanka, approximately 8% have no access to improved sanitation and 9% lack access to improved water supplies (2010). Huge progress has been made in the past 20 years where open defecation has almost totally been eradicated except in a few pockets. However, sanitation and hygiene are still critically important, as diarrhoea is reported to be the second biggest killer of children in South Asia. Although Sri Lanka’s access to quality drinking water is around 82%, improving school sanitation and access to water is an important area that still needs attention; given that there are reportedly over 1,299 schools with poor sanitary facilities. While some of these schools have no access to pure water and sanitation, most others suffer due to damaged systems due to poor maintenance.

SLWP – Janashakthi Programmes

Water Quality awareness  study, rainwater harvesting sytems for schools and hospitals  reforestation of Aranayake  with  Janashakthi Insurance Plc

SLWP – Brandix Programmes

Supporting awareness for sustainable school sanitation  in Central Province with Brandix Lanka Plc.