The world has recognized that there is an impending global crisis in the development and management of water resources. Water scarcity and pollution has been identified as the world’s No. 1 environmental concern.

The World Water Commission with the assistance of the WWC and Global Water Partnership (GWP) has set themselves to the task of developing a World Water Vision for Life and Environment and to formulate a Framework for Action to implement it.

A very representative group of Sri Lankans has taken the initiative to contribute to this global effort with a Sri Lanka Water Vision. I find that a Vision exercise of this nature will be invaluable at the national and eventually local level. It will place our own economic and social development programs in a more focused perspective.

The Vision, while it is based on certain identified Drivers which are within our control, is also governed by other major developments at the global and regional level by way of likely dramatic changes in technology, systems of governance, and economic and social pressures on institutions. Hence, this concept of formulating a Vision through a holistic and radical approach and thinking ‘out of the box’ is of great appeal to me.

Also, the strategy of involving all stakeholders, from the national to the grass roots level – particularly civil society – women and youth – rather than being confined to the conventional public sector is a novel approach.

This vision document, while being the basis for our development plans should be reviewed regularly in order that we are able to adjust our policies and strategies as soon as they are identified as necessary .

I wish your endeavors all success!

President of Sri Lanka