SLWP Programme Focus 2014-2016

CORE– Urban Wetlands, River Basin Organisations/ River Basin Management, River Sand Mining, Source Area Conservation/ Catchment Management, Clean River Programme, Gender and Water Dialogues, School “Water Messengers” for IWRM, School Health/Sanitation, Water Policy/Governance, Water CSR Activities, UN APAN, UN WATER SDG Activities. IWRM Capacity Building, Water related Disasters inc Landslides, Integrated Drought and Flood Management.

Water& Climate Resilience Programme (WACREP-) CC impacts on Rural Livelihoods and Irrigated Agriculture. CCA Awareness for Agency, Project staff and Farmer Representatives, Drinking water CBO, Schools CCA activity, New Technology Adoption for CC, Policy/ Management Briefs on CCA.

Main Themes

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

  • Water/Natural Resources Policies / Strategies
  • Water resources development
  • Institutional Development
  • Water Organisations
  • Water Governance
  • Water Law


  • Biodiversity / Ecosystems
  • Wetlands
  • Catchment Conservation
  • River Sand Minning
  • Polution Mitigation
  • Waste Water Management

Youth and Gender

  • Gender and Water Dialouges
  • Water Messengers
  • School Sanitation


  • Media
  • Fund Raising & Proposal Development
  • CSR Programmes
  • Public / Private Partnerships